Products Name TEM SEM Not specify image source Content
TEMography * * * General catalog
Recorder * Full automated tomogram acquisition not only TEM imaging, also STEM, cryo-condition, EDS…
Composer * Composer is software reconstruction 3D images based on tilted images taken sequentially with a transmission electron microscope
Visualizer-evo * Visualizer-kai is software reconstruction 3D images data which I reconstituted in Composer
Shot Meister * Efficacious Imaging Assistant meister technique for everyone in TEM mode
STEM Meister * Efficacious Imaging Assistant meister technique for everyone in STEM mode
NBD Stadium * Individual strain analysis software for nano scale structure
JEM Toolbox * TEM computation environment Make programing on TEM to be easy
ATTEM * ATTEM is status monitoring software that regularly logs the status of Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM)
Stack N Viz * * Everything necessary for ‘slice and view’
SEM Supporter * Various applications based on advanced stage control support SEM imaging
3D-Sight Pro * Make a three dimensional surface analysis from only one pair of stereo images
Image Excite * * * Industrial oriented automated length measurement tool
Region Adviser * Particle measurement
Image Center * * * Supports management and sharing for image and information
MultiImageTool * * * Customizable image processing and analysis tool, no any other
Secure Image * * * Image encryption and tampering prevention system conformed to FDA Part11
Colorist * * * Supreme tool for segmentation by an intuitive operation
Array tomography * 3D reconstruction of microstructure using serial-section images
Mole=Q * * * Virtual Molecular Structure Model Software